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Finn and Scout

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My husband and I reached out to Dave Coop recently because our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Finn, was a runner. It was his most concerning behavioral flaw that we did not know how to manage. He loved to chasing bunnies, which escalated into high speed games of run and chase throughout the
neighborhood. This was a huge concern for us because each time he ran, we feared it would be his last. Luckily, we live in a gate community with low speed traffic but we weren’t willing to gamble with his life anymore. We started looking for trainers/training companies to help Finn overcome his need for speed.
After checking out many, many places, we found Dave Coop and instantly felt at ease. Dave is highly professional, expert dog trainer who took Finn into his home for a month to train him. During this time,
we didn’t see Finn but Dave was always available to give us updates on his progression. One month later, we got Finn back and he was a new man! His obedience is remarkable, he is off the leash, and he does not run off or chase bunnies anymore. The best part is that his same goofy/loving personality is
exactly the same because Dave really takes care of the dogs he trains like they are his own.

Additionally, Dave is helping us train our puppy, Scout, who is also a Wirehaired Pointing Griffin. We attend weekly sessions with Dave where he teaches and empowers us to train Scout correctly. She is only about 4 weeks into her training and is incredible. She heels by our side, sits, and stays. We have full
confidence that we will be able to get her to the level of obedience that Finn now has with Dave guiding us in her training.

We were hopeless when we met Dave. Now we have one off-leash adult dog and a puppy who is well on her way. We are forever grateful!

Carolyn and Eric (Denver, Colorado)





Dave and Kaleb, on behalf of my family and our two Malanois, Jingle & Belle (a.k.a. sisters of mercy), I want to thank you for delivering more than what was expected.  Initially, I was somewhat skeptical about sending our ladies away for 6 weeks as well as making a significant investment, based on a theory.  It’s shocking that you were able to return to me two Level 3 guard/attack dogs that are now virtually 100% obedient, from what I delivered to you, all in 6 weeks. 

Now, in retrospect, it almost borders on irony that it actually cost me money not to do this in the first place.  The commercialized training “schools” approach of on-again/off-again training that we tried early on, like so many people do, was not only a waste of time and money, but ultimately counterproductive towards the idea of shaping exceptional dogs that stood head and shoulders above the average family pet, as was my initial dream.  Moreover, I’m sure these commercialized schools were probably also a disservice and an insult to our dogs, their intelligence and to what their capabilities were/are.  

In addition to exceeding our expectations on obedience and protection, a wonderful side benefit has been the magical disappearance of problem behaviors.  Behaviors which previously lead to much frustration, and, I’m sure, strained relationships.  Now, all family members have a much more meaningful relationship with the girls and I sense that they feel the same.  Whereas, before, they had to spend most of their time outside and in kennels in the garage at night, now, they spend most of their time inside, as part of the family, and sleep unrestrained on their inside beds all night.  I’m sure glad we took a chance and made an investment in their happiness and ours, and it’s very apparent they are as well. 

Now let’s get crackin on Level  4! 

Michael H.
Littleton, CO



Hello, my name is Lisa and my GSD is Angel.  I received Angel as a gift as I have disabilities.  She is my service dog and Dave Coop who owns and runs The Canine College has been our trainer from before I received her.  He worked with me before I even became a client, guiding me to books that might be helpful for me, and also being open to help me find a breeder.  He has several different breeders on his website and was patient with me in giving me the information to find them.

Dave was willing to answer any questions I had before we even met or he received payment for helping me to train Angel.  Dave was willing to help me start training as soon as I picked Angel up by answering any questions I may have.  He helped me with kennel training her over the phone and again any other uncertainties I had.  I have brain issues that make me differently abled (disabled) and he was and has always been very kind and professional.  He has never crossed the professional line.  Something I never experienced before with a man in a place of power. 

I cannot sing his praises enough.  When I would get triggered when we were training he would be patient with me and calm me down yet still get the lesson in for Angel and I.  As you can see I do not physically look disabled because I have brain issues.  I could not leave the house easily or at all before I got Angel and now as you can see from the pictures I am able to enjoy the outdoors just like people without disabilities.  Even with a service dog it is not easy for me to leave the house yet now I know I have some level of protection.  She keeps me away from humans, male and female that would be a threat to me.  She also allows brain to understand that everyone is not a threat.  She has helped me understand my disabilities more than any book and still loves me.

Dave is honest and very knowledgeable about dog training.  I recommend that if you want a well behaved dog, whether it be a pet or service dog that you call Dave Coop at The Canine College.  He is always there to help you through anything that will arise and with GSD's they do. Even when he has had to repeat himself he has never talked down to me and is helping me through Angel's teenage year.

Again if you are looking for a knowledgeable, honest, and professional dog trainer Dave Coop of The Canine College is the best as I have worked with other "dog training outfits" in the past.

Lisa and Angel

Thanks Dave for helping us with Dude, he gets better every day. He has become a wonderful part of our family. Amy.

Also, I feel very safe when I leave the house knowing Dude is there with my wife and daughter as there Guardian. I never knew a dog could be so good with people and be as protective as Dude is on command and then turn if right off. Thanks for everything, see you soon. Jeff,

 Jeff and Amy, Denver Colorado.,

We must admit we were skeptical when you said Rohan should obey and listen off leash as well as on a leash.  You were right.  We can take him to any environment and he listens and obeys.  We love being at the park and he will stay even while other dogs are running all around him.  The training was easy, fast, and fun. 

We are most impressed with is his protection training.  I sleep better having Rohan sleeping at the foot of the bed when my husband is traveling.  It is amazing he will protect us, bite on command and with a second command let the person he just bite pet him. Truly mind blowing! A testament to your skill as a trainer.   We have already referred you to friends and will continue to do so.

Todd, Andrea and Family
Denver, Colorado

We were introduced to Dave Coop by Monette Demuth (our breeder at Waterton Canyon German Shepherds) over 7 years ago.  Dave and his German Shepherd attended our new puppy orientation and it was easy to see Dave knew what he was doing.  We all watched in amazement as Dave showed us briefly how he has been able to train and control his young German Shepherd.  Once we actually received our puppy (Penny Lane) we realized we were going to need Dave's help.  10 lbs became 100 lbs real quickly...  Dave started visiting us at our house to help with the general obedience we needed to keep our house in one piece.  As people that like to travel we have used Dave to board and train Penny many times over the past 7 years.  Two weeks at a time we started to see Penny mature and become the great family pet she is today.
We highly recommend Dave Coop and The Canine College to all dog owners.  Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog like us; Dave can help you enjoy your pet for years to come.  We are always proud to hear from people we meet how great Penny is in a large crowds as well as off leash for our mountain hikes.
Owning a 100 lb dog can be a challenge at times; especially with a 9 month old baby in the house as we do at this time!  Hey Dave - How are you with teenage boys?  I might need your help in a few years!
Thank you very much Dave!
Bryan, Antoinette, Luciano & Penny Lane - Sept 2011

Hi Dave - Hope you're doing well.  Cory and I are taking advantage of the flexibility of our jobs to work remotely and play in our favorite mountain town, Crested Butte, for the summer.  So Tasha and Tundra have become downright celebrities around town since you can walk just about everywhere and it's a super dog friendly town.  And of course they've been enjoying all their off leash time on the numerous trails.  Everytime someone comments on how well behaved they are and how they wish their dogs were that good, we have been talking up your services, so hopefully you'll get some business out of it.  :)  I just wanted to send over a couple pics that really say it all - how much fun we (and the dogs) get to have together, thanks to your magical training powers.  We say it over and over - sending our dogs to you was hands down the best money we've ever spent.  Thanks again!


"Geschenk Von Gott German Shepherds I have been in relationship with Dave Coop through our Pup Placement Program for nearly a decade. Given the unique and personal touch of GVGGS, our program excells in educating our families in several key areas such as health/nutrition, correct socialization, temperament testing and essential family bonding/training. Years ago when I formulated my data base, seeking exceptional dog trainers in the Denver area of which to refer my clients, I interviewed Dave Coop. I became immediately aware that his knowledge was leagues above the sea of trendy and irrelevant popular training techniques. He demonstrated his in depth knowledge of the physiology and mind/development of the dog, socialization key factors and overall Dog/Master bonding essentials in training. I believe he has offered superlative services to over 100 of my clients without one single complaint, rather exhuberant praise from all of my families. Often Dave will come speak at our Puppy Orientation Classes. We always have a high percentage of clients that as a result, choose to utilize Dave's expertise through his services at The Canine College. Dave has also participated in training demonstations at our Annual Puppy/Dog Reunions at Chatfield State Park. Dave is truly in a league of his own and we proudly and with full confidence give him a 5 star rating in all areas of dog training and interaction in the Denver, Colorado area. Count yourself blessed indeed if you are fortunate to secure his services."

Sincerely, Monette Demuth, Geschenk Von Gott German Shepherds.(formerly Waterton Canyon German Shepherds).




Dave Coop is magic,

In looking for trainers we found his website informative and convincing; then our son-in-law mentioned Dave had trained his German Shepherd.  That sealed the deal.  I called Dave to ask about boarding and training our puppy when she was 4 months old. At 8 weeks old we were going to take her to the Caribbean for 2 months.  Then we were going to the Far East for 6 weeks and normal boarding would create a monster. Dave told us she could learn, even at her current “useless puppy” age and immediately came to show us commands we could work on while we were on the island.  He was right.

Our goals:  First she needed to adapt to our extended family.  1 Chow, 2 cats, 2 horses + the 3 dogs that live at our island home full time.

When we returned from St. Martin, she understood all the basic commands.  She then spent 6 weeks with Dave; it was the best thing we could have done.  During our follow up training Dave suggested she would benefit from wearing a shock collar.  Again, he was right.

She is a bright, well socialized lady.  For once we have a dog who obeys commands even when she would rather do something else.  She travels to St. Martin 3 or 4 times a year, usually with different pilots and ground crew, she handles all the people involved, different FBO’s, even ICE, with no problems.

For us the cutest thing is Booty and our 6 year old granddaughter.  She loves to walk around with Booty, telling her to “sit” about every minute.  It is a great game they both love, when Booty “sits”, they are about eye to eye.

While Booty is always charming and “sweet” to people we welcome to our home; the stranger who comes up to our fence or the beach gate in St. Martin gets the full “Doberman show”.  Attitude, noise and impressive teeth!

A Dog Whisperer in action, that’s Dave.

Linda, Cherry Hills, Colorado

Thanks, Dave

Our breeder Jon Campolong at Crystal Creek German Shepherds referred us to Dave Coop for dog training. Our beloved dog "Champ" was becoming unruly in the home and aggressive toward strangers. On Dave's first visit to our home Champ promptly tried to bite him. After a few tense minutes Champ warmed up to Dave and was all over him, and I do mean ALL over him and us , up on the couch and climbing all over Dave. After a detailed evaluation we decided to board and train Champ for a month at Dave's home, we knew we would miss him but it was for the best. After the month of boarding and training we did private follow up training and Dave trained us to be better leaders of the pack.

Today Champ is a different dog, we take him with us in public, have him
around people who come to visit our home and are confident in our ability to
control Champ. So confident in fact the we decided to do protection training. We were apprehensive at first, but after seeing how much Champ enjoys working, it seemed to make him more confident, controllable, stable and gave him an outlet for him natural protection instincts.

We are so glad we trained our dog with Dave Coop and The Canine College, his
knowledge and experience is unparalleled. We would be glad to refer anyone to Dave Coop for dog training in Denver.

John and Cindy
Denver, Colorado


We have owned dogs all of our lives and used a variety of professional trainers and training techniques. Some of which, we might add, were quite expensive.  In all of our experience none of them compare to Dave Coop and the Canine College.  We enrolled Taser, our German shepherd, in the Canine College when he was 7 weeks old.  By the time he was three months old he was doing all the basic obedience commands and by 6 months he was performing at levels above dogs that are 2 and 3 years old.
Dave has an almost magical relationship with dogs and he combines this with a unique ability to coach their owners to achieve incredible results.  His positive teaching techniques create permanent behaviors in a fraction of the time that other courses do. We have huge aspirations for Taser and the confidence from the Canine College that he will be the best dog that we have ever had.  We reserve our highest recommendation for Dave Coop and the Canine College.

Tony and Laurel
Highlands Ranch, Co.

I was referred to Dave Coop by a colleague. I left Stella with Dave for one month of boarding and training in basic obedience and then did follow up training afterwards. The results were amazing. Later I decided to do advanced obedience, tricks and protection training. I am a long distance runner and have had to deploy her protection training on two occasions, both successfully.

I highly recommend Dave Coop and the Canine College, he is truly Denver's

"Dog Whisperer!"

Denver Colorado



Dave has helped us train our four of German Shepherds in obedience and protection work. We received the two females at 3 and 7 months and immediately enrolled in Dave’s in-home training class. With Dave’s help the dogs were responding to commands almost instantly. The males were 8 weeks old when they started their training. And they were completely obedience trained by 3 months old.  All four dogs are off leashed trained.  Unfortunately, we only have three now, but it is so nice to be able to take the three on outings without worry they will misbehave. I am 110 lbs and can walk all three in unison. We must say it is pretty impressive to be able to walk 240 lbs of German Shepherd down a trail with me holding their leashes in one hand while at the same time having complete control walking by other dogs.  Three of our GSDs have completed Dave’s Personal Protection Training Program.  The 4th will start the same Personal Protection Training in a few months. We also board our dogs with Dave several times a year. Dave gives them personal attention and we are able to enjoy our trips with no worry.

It has been a pleasure working with Dave. We highly recommend the Canine College of Denver to every dog owner.

Buddy and Leanna
Centennial, CO.


Thanks for helping turn our out of control, super dominant puppy into a wonderfully obedient dog. Without your help he would rule our household. Instead, he is manageable, and a joy to take with us wherever we go. Please feel free to use Panzer as a reference- we love to show him off!

Eric and Ginger


Scott and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate the work you've done with Cuch. Thanks to you we have a better way of life with our dog. It's been rewarding and a lot of fun!

Thanks again,

Carolyn and Scott
St. Louis, Mo.

Meet "Lucy" the world's cutest Labradoodle.  When we brought Lucy home we didn't know much about training dogs but we knew we wanted a well behaved, well trained dog.  Our neighbors told us about Dave Coop and the Canine College and we decided to start puppy training when she was just 8 weeks old, and it really paid off.  Everywhere we go, people cannot believe how sweet natured and obedient she is.  We can take her anywhere, even off leash, and know she will heel, stay and come and she even knows some party tricks.  We now understand the importance of early and regular training.

Dave really is the "dog whisperer."

Dr. Regina and family,
Denver Colorado


I couldn't thank Dave enough for all that he has done for us. It has always been my fear of having a disobedient dog and thanks to him that is not the case. Moly is such a wonderful addition to our family and we love her. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer. Dave walked us through every step and was extremely patient not only with our puppy Moly but with us as well.

I couldn't believe it the first day I brought her in and he got my little tiny 8 week old puppy to follow commands! Dave has a gift, he truly is a dog whisperer.

-Haley and Fred





We have an older German shepherd named Ransom and a six month old German shepherd mix, named Oakley. The two dogs were not getting along. After looking at several web sites, we decided to contact Dave Coop because he has experience with German shepherds and works with aggression issues. We were hoping he would be able to assist us with getting the two dogs together. On Dave’s first visit to our home he not only got the dogs together without a fight, he made suggestions on what to do to help them continue to get along. We followed his advice and the dogs were fine after that.

We were so impressed with his expertise and professionalism we signed up for the obedience training to help with the unruly, dominate Oakley. After Oakley’s first lesson we saw a major improvement. Dave continued to work with Oakley and with us by showing us what to do. The one-on-one training was so helpful. She is now nine months old and goes everywhere with us. Oakley is an excellent canine citizen because of Dave’s training. We highly recommend Dave Coop. He is the best!

The Hagerty’s
Littleton, Colorado

" We had tried several other trainers without success. If we hadn't found Dave Coop we would have gotten rid of our German shepherd "Rosie". Now with obedience and protection training she is a wonderful part of our family."

Lori, Littleton, Co.

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