Natural method of dog training in Denver


We believe in a natural method of dog training.

We apply a no-nonsense philosophy to training dogs of all breeds and sizes. We do not believe in using any unnecessary force or harsh styles of dog training.

A natural dog training philosophy and method simply means learning how to encourage and discourage individual actions or behaviors that are natural to the dog -- like sitting, laying down, jumping up, biting, etc.

Our natural approach uses positive encouragement to reinforce behaviors we find desirable. It associates commands with these behaviors to develop conditioned responses, so the dog truly understands what you are trying to communicate.

At the same time, a natural approach means understanding that dogs naturally make a lot of mistakes, lose their attention, or are sometimes downright defiant. In those cases, the use of correction or negative reinforcement is necessary, to discourage and stop or modify behaviors we find undesirable – like jumping on guests, knocking down the kids or the grandparents, getting on the furniture, house breaking, pulling on the leash, etc. A command is associated to let the dog know when they're doing something wrong.

This is Basic Conditioning.

Positively encouraging good behavior, and negatively discouraging bad behavior. It's just that simple. We can teach you the proper dog training techniques to accomplish this.

Our goal is to get dogs trained to listen -- even when they are off the leash.

“Understanding” and “listening” are two different things. Anyone with a piece of cheese and a quiet room can get a dog to sit and look. Getting the same dog to look and listen when someone comes to the door, or when there’s another dog around, is a different matter altogether.

This is called Wolf-Pack theory.

All dogs come from wolves. This means they're pack animals. This is why they make such good family pets: They assimilate easily and naturally into a group. But in this group, there must be a certain social order, like who's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on. Your dog is very much aware of this order. For a dog to listen, even when they don't want to, they have to view you, the owner(s), as the leaders(s) of the pack.

We show you how to develop this kind of relationship with your dog naturally, so you can enjoy your dog in the real world -- when you’re out and about, doing what you enjoy with your dog. Our goal is to show you how to make your dog part of your family …

Even when they're off of the leash.

Dogs were bred from wolves to serve a particular purpose: Protection, Hunting, Herding and so on. We as people must understand this. So when your Lab is very active and picks things up with its mouth, or your German Shepherd barks at strangers or circles and nips at the kids’ heels, this is natural behavior and needs to be channeled properly so it doesn't become bad behavior.

What would the world be like if we just let our children grow up with no formal education? Or just ignored their bad behavior? The same is true with our dogs. How can we expect our dogs to be great family pets, without educating them?

A trained dog is a happy a dog !!!



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