Private In-Home Dog Obedience Training Lessons / Classes

Private, in-home dog training lessons/classes are by far the most effective way to get people trained. Ooops, I meant dogs trained. It is challenging enough to train one dog and person at a time. Perhaps you’ve experienced the dog obedience class with one instructor, 20 untrained dogs, and their people? Mass chaos, right? There is another way. A better way. It works like this: I come to your home once a week, for a one-hour lesson -- for as many classes as it takes to get you and your dog trained together. Prices are per session, or a flat fee for as many sessions as it takes to get you and your dog trained together

Basic dog obedience training, in the home, where it counts:

Our basic dog obedience program teaches your dog to know its name, as well as the following basic commands: No, Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Return to Heel, Wait (at doors), Inside, Outside, Place and to NOT RUN OFF. Our goal is for your dog to listen off the leash in distracting environments, such as when you go for a walk, put dinner on the table, invite guests over, go somewhere in your car, or go to a park. And yes, it can be done!

Correction of problem behaviors:

As far as possible, we will work to eliminate any bad habits or problem behaviors you may be experiencing with your puppy or dog.

House breaking, chewing, barking, jumping and digging are just a few problems I deal with on a regular basis. I am also experienced at dealing with aggressive behaviors. By understanding the cause of the bad habit or problem behaviors, usually we can successfully modify, redirect or eliminate them. Some behaviors are caused by lack of early puppy socialization, genetics and brain development, such as antisocial behavior. We can help, but we cannot turn back time. Yet!

In-home dog training lessons
Dog obedience classes
The Canine College by: Dave Coop, Centennial, Colorado.



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